Drone Surveillance Contest

Sponsored by Makeblock


The top 5 winners will be awarded.

1. The latest mBot Mega Kit by

2. Digital Certificate from CVZone.


self driving mbot mega
self driving mbot mega

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1. Participants are required to Download and process the Video of a drone passing over a junk yard, to count the number of cars present in the footage.

2. There are no restriction on what type of Image Processing or Machine Learning algorithm is used to achieve the optimum result.

3. The processed footage must contain the bounding boxes drawn around the cars along with the their unique id number for counting (as shown in Figure 1).

4. The processed footage must contain the name and the count of the cars in the designated areas (as shown in Figure 2).

5. During Submission participants must submit the video of their result as a YouTube link along with their code hosted on GitHub. (Submissions without YouTube or GitHub link will not be accepted).

6. Once your submission is approved share it on your social media platforms.(User registration is not required to vote)


7. The Winner will be decided based on 50% Vote by the community and 50%  by the judges. The top 10 section only displays the top ten with highest votes i.e. it does not account the judges decision. On the completion of the contest, the judges will review all the submissions and  place their votes. The winners will be announced once the judges have placed in their votes.





Note: CVZone reserves the right to disqualify any submission without prior notice. CVzone reserves the right to select winners.