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Here you will find all the gear we recommend and use. Below each product is our rating of the product and it’s description. We try our best to be as unbiased as possible. If you are a new content creator or someone looking for a tech product recommendation, you might find something useful here.

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Great phone with some amazing features. The 5x zoom is a game changer along with the Boka/Portrait effect. I use this sometimes for shooting videos and b-rolls. With this in the pocket, I don’t see the need to carry a DSLR while traveling. While DSLR gives better results, the continence here is unmatched. This is a two hand phone I wish the 5x zoom was available in the pro version which is a single hand phone..
Good Laptop. As always with gaming laptops, not good battery time.
Good Camera, Good Focus, Availability of lens is good. Quiet compact, so easy to carry. A big yes to the flip screen. Crops the video too much in 4k.
A powerhouse for machine learning and AI projects, outshining the Raspberry Pi in many aspects, particularly with its superior GPU. An essential tool for anyone into robotics projects, making them more portable and efficient
Premium quality drone with stunning 4K footage and great range. The separate remote with a screen is a game changer, offering convenience without needing your phone. The only downside is it’s not rainproof, which would have been a great addition
Offers great value for money and is unique with its Python SDK, making it readily accessible and perfect for educational use. It’s safe for indoor flying but does have some connection issues, which can be quite annoying
A solid mic with good audio quality, but it doesn’t perform well at a distance since its a condenser mic, so has to be close to the source. Not the best value for money, as there are cheaper options available with similar quality
If your budget allows, this is the mic to go for. An all-rounder that connects seamlessly with computers, cameras, and mobiles. As a shotgun mic, it’s great for capturing audio from a distance, keeping it out of the camera’s view
Delivers excellent audio quality. While there are cheaper options, they don’t match its durability. It would be perfect if it included a charging case and if each module had a screen to display the battery level
Superb value for money. Delivers crisp, clear sound. Ideal if you don’t mind the mic showing up in your videos
Perfect for getting started, especially for newbie YouTubers. It’ll definitely kickstart your journey at a price that’s hard to beat
Sounds alright, but honestly, they’re overpriced and more about the hype. You’re mostly paying for the name, not mind-blowing sound
The light is too harsh and lacks built-in diffusion options. While it offers wireless use, the necessary battery is an additional expense. It includes a brick adapter, which isn’t ideal. Overall, not very practical – you’re better off investing in a softer light like the Godox SL60 with a diffuser for a more flattering effect
Might feel pricey for beginners, but it’s a wise investment for YouTube talking head videos. This light is a game changer, making a bigger impact on your production quality than spending on a high-end camera
Impresses with its sturdy build and versatile mounting options for stands. The wireless feature is a fantastic addition, offering incredible convenience and flexibility
Strikes a sweet balance with its affordability, delivering solid performance for its price. However, it leaves a bit to be desired – a wireless option would be a game-changer, and a sleek white variant would definitely up its style game.
The ASUS Prime Z690-P WiFi is a solid choice – it does everything you need without any fuss. Eeliable and no drama.
Great speeds. Ok price, but a bit fragile. Fried one due to fluctuation in the power.
Great GPU for Machine Learning and AI tasks. The 12GB VRAM is a great plus. For gaming cheaper versions would be better. I have the founder edition but any of the others should pretty much provide similar performance.
Affordable water cooled system with great aesthetics. Another version comes with temperature readings. Would recommend that instead.
32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200. Works well. No issues so far. The aesthetics with white and RGB lighting are remarkable.
Good value to money. I have the RTX 2060 version which is a bit old now but still works well. It’s a good overall machine. The aesthetics are especially taken care of with the RGB lights below the laptop as well. The faster refresh rate makes a huge difference.
It’s a laptop, powered by Raspberry Pi. One of the biggest hurdles to learn Raspberry pi is the inconvenience of connecting all the peripherals to get started. Crow Pi2 solves this issue and makes it easy to work with Raspberry Pi. One thing I would have preferred is the USB C adapter to power it.
Great value to money. Solid build with excellent motors. It is more expensive than normal robot arms but that is due to its good quality motors that have advance features.
An excellent robot hand. It is great for educational purpose. Made with acrylic so have to handle with care.
An affordable robot dog to get started with.
A computer in the palm of your hands. Great for projects where portability is required. Must have for robotics enthusiast and learners.
Good Kit to get started with. Customization is limited but it made purely for learning.
Great value to money. They last a long time. Sound Quality is improved a bit. Have shifted many times and recreated many setups with them. They only issue is, there is no easy way to fix without damaging the wall. So either you put a lot of effort creating a frame on which you can stick these or you spend a lot of money getting the good tape that does not spoil the wall.
Great Diffuser with RGB lights. The value to money is great as well. There is a good amount to storage for water. But you have to add water pretty much everyday.