Pool Shot Predictor – YOLOv8, OpenCV, CVZone

In this project, I started by applying image processing techniques to select the green color on the pool table. This involved converting the image into the HSV color space and thresholding it to obtain the contour of the green color. Once the contour was obtained, I used YOLOv8, an object detection algorithm, to detect the […]

Billiard path prediction

First, the table gets detected by using a mask for the table color and the difference of color of the dark areas beside the cushions. Second, the balls get detected by a fine-tuned YOLOX model. Third, detect the direction of the cue stick and calculate the path of the ball and whether it will go […]

Pool Shot Predictor

Task Solution Approach: Using HSV Color Spacing to Extract Color Mask. Detecting the Cue, Cue Ball and Color Balls using Contours. Then predicting the path of the Color Balls using Mathematical Analysis and Setting Thresholds. Handling the situation if the Ball Touches the Wall, bounces back and goes into the Pocket or Not. Setting the […]

Pool Shot Predictor

The steps taken are described: 1) Find the table using HSV space; 2) Using contours, the pocket holes are found; 3) Cue ball and stick is found by contours too; 4) The target ball is found using HoughCircles; 5) A line is predicted from the stick along the cue ball to simulate the path of […]

Pool Shot Predictor -Gagan Dwaz

I created a program that predicts the path of pool balls by using OpenCV and Numpy for color and shape detection. Different HSV filters are defined for each object, and coordinates of each object are used to calculate the likely ball path based on linear algebra. To account for the uncertainty in the cue’s exact […]

Pool Shoot Detections

First I had to learn about the physics of pools. Angles are only perfect under specific conditions of hitting force, speed, cue or ball hit position, etc. As this video is made by a human, not all scenarios are perfect, and there is where we have magic. I used a contour approach, finding contours of […]

Pool Shot Predictor

The outcome of a shot in the game of pool based on a video of the game. The code is loads a video file and processes each frame to detect the position of the pool balls and the edges of the pool table. It then predicts the path of the cue ball and determines whether […]

Pool Shot Predictor – Rhushil

This is my pool shot detection program that predicts the path and outcome (in or out) of 10 pool shots provided by CVZone. I used two libraries: OpenCV and NumPy. My process started with detecting the cue ball and colored balls using several different Hue/Saturation/Value (HSV) filters and contour detection. Only contours with a certain […]

Pool Shot Predictor

Firstly, I would like to thank CVzone and Nvidia for hosting this competition. I have implemented Pool Shot Predictor project that predicts the path and outcome of 10 pool shots provided in the video. In the first step, we import all the required libraries, including numpy, opencv-python, math, pillow library. In the next step, we […]

Pool Shot Predictor – Leonardo Felipe Salgado

The main method used is color and shape detection to discern the objects on the pool table. To each object, the program defines a different HSV filter. With the coordinates of each object, it calculates the likely path of the ball based on linear algebra. As the program can't estimate the exact location of the […]