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Assembly eye-tracking

List of the things that you must need for assembly of eye-tracking


Remove the extra stuff & print hairs from the printed parts carefully.


Remove the internal support structure of eyeballs. (Be careful while doing this hardness might be dangerous)

eye balls
eye balls


Insert the lens in the ball from the front by pushing it in with little force.



Now attach the raspberry camera

raspberry camera
raspberry camera


Now put the raspberry camera in the eyeball and fix the backplate with M2 bolts

Now we will attach the vertical servo motor to the base. Now tighten the bolts of motor



Attach the second motor to the horizontal surface gently and politely, make sure nothing is going

to break.

server holder in main base surface
server holder in main base surface


Now attach the horizontal server holder to the main base surface. And now use the M3 bolt in the joint. Tight them and make sure there is no ply in the joint.

server holder in main base surface


Attach the joints to the eyeballs.

eye balls


Now attach both eyeballs to the surface body with a bolt, make sure that the ball is free to move left

and right.

surface body with a bolt
surface body with a bolt


Make sure that both balls can move freely up, down left, and right.

M3 bolts


Now connect both balls with each other with the help of M3 bolts and joints.

M3 bolts


Make sure that both eyes are moving with each other and smoothly

eyes are moving


Now attach the vertical part with the base and the Horizontal server with an M3 bolt.

But we will keep it loose for a free move.

M3 bolt


Attach top server with the base motor and will attach with an M2 bolt. We will use the second hole of

the supporting strip.

M2 bolt