The steps taken are described: 1) Find the table using HSV space; 2) Using contours, the pocket holes are found; 3) Cue ball and stick is found by contours too; 4) The target ball is found using HoughCircles; 5) A line is predicted from the stick along the cue ball to simulate the path of the cue ball, and is calculated a possible collision with the target ball; 6) If the collision is found, it calculates the target path as the line created from the cue ball towards the target ball (straight line passing the centers); 7) On that target ball path is predicted the final position, if it reaches a pocket hole or not. In case of not reaching a pocket hole, its reflection is calculated to check if there is a new predicted final point; 8) It checks again if the ball reaches a pocket hole or not; 8) The final prediction is drawn on the table, in green if it is IN or red if it is OUT

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